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‘...I originally made an approach to Sue for weight loss. I had been ‘yo-yo’ dieting for years and was never able to the lose weight from my hips, thighs, and tummy! After just a few sessions in hypnosis I was able to identify for myself some of the real reasons for hanging onto the excess weight and the pounds just fell away ...’
Helen Thornton from Rodley

‘ ...I had been a heavy smoker since my early teens and decided, for the sake of my own health and that of my twin boys, that I was going to give up the habit. During my first consultation with Sue we talked about the various issues connected with smoking, this was followed by some deep relaxation and post hypnotic suggestion - 72 hours later I was ‘non-smoker’ and well on my way to living a healthier, and mainly stress free life.’
Steve from Pudsey, West Yorkshire

‘ ...For years the fear of flying had ruined many holidays that meant having to holiday on mainland Britain, or at the very least being physically sick with fear even as early as booking my flight tickets!! After just 3 sessions of hypnotherapy I am now able to look forward to my holiday to the Far East with excitement and without any of the usual feelings of apprehension and fear. During the sessions Sue was able to desensitise my fear of flying ... at the same time allowing me to move forward at my own pace... in all I found hypnosis to be an incredibly enlightening experience and something I should have done years ago.’
Gill from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

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